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Council agrees to postpone AVI - we need to get mayor nutter on board

Dear Neighbors, Friends & Colleagues, After weeks of intense debate, City Council came to the same conclusion as the 20 civic associations in the Tax Fairness Coalition: that the new tax system called "Actual Value Initiative" must be done right, not recklessly - that data must proceed major policy changes. They have voted to delay AVI implementation for a year. At the same time, we all realize the city and especially the schools need help. So Council has built a 3.5% property tax increase into the budget along with a small increase in the Use & Occupancy Tax that applies to commercial property. While we have urged the city to find other sources of revenue, such as ramping up collection of delinquent property taxes, selling more coty-owned land, collecting Payments In Lieu Of Taxation from our universities and other nonprofits, etc, in the grand scheme of things a modest property tax increase right now was probably the "least worst" alternative. So thanks to all of you who made calls and sent emails. BUT, there is still work to be done. It is possible that Mayor Nutter will veto this bill. So we need to call his office and urge him to support Council's AVI compromise. His number is 215-686-2181.

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