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What is your interior design personality?

What is your interior design personality?

Whether you favor soft color and strong organization or clean lines and bold patterns, there’s a design personality that fits your life and preferences. How you spend your time—hobbies, travel, outdoor adventure—also plays a part in what makes your space, well, yours.

If you’re looking to revamp your living room, or just want to figure out which color works best with your art collection, determining your design personality will help.


Despite its simple appearance, a minimalist interior design approach is quite planned and laborious. It typically features exquisite detail, and materials are chosen for quality more than appearance.

Visitors may see a minimalist’s design as cold or lacking, but there’s an art to every piece of furniture serving a purpose. If you describe yourself as an introvert, determined, a perfectionist, methodical or efficient, this is your design personality.


If clean lines and open spaces speak to you, the modern interior design is your personality match. Light grays, whites and mauves are the colors of choice, with recessed lighting and the occasional (tasteful) splash of color.

Clean, open light-filled spaces are a must-have for the modern design. Design details are more likely to be found in the furniture and home itself rather than sitting on a shelf. Modern design personalities are most commonly the overly organized, future thinking, calm and artsy among us.


It’s a tale as old as time. The classic interior design look exhibits timeless beauty with heirlooms and décor—perfectly symmetrical—in gold and brass. There’s likely a sofa or chair that’s never used as it’s more a conversation starter than a place to rest.

Neutral colors blanket the walls, shifting focus to the complex, hand-woven rug that spans the entire living room. The noble, distinguished and ageless love classic design.


The world traveler is often a lover of the vintage interior design personality. From rich leathers to large antique pieces, this design reflects moments in history. Bookshelves are lined with photos of travel and a crystal whiskey decanter.

The vintage look is a handsome approach to a very unique personality. In addition to being well traveled, vintage interior design personalities tend to be well read, complex and perfectionists.