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Fast-fading fads

Fast-fading fads

Designing your home is about letting your style shine through and not holding fast to trends. But, who doesn’t want to know whether their decor is a must-have or a has-been? Before investing time or money into decorating this year, consider these fads that seem to be fading in 2018, along with the fresh looks that are taking their places.

Color story. Some of our favorite shades are losing their luster this year, including a hue we thought could never get any hotter—Millennial pink—which is evolving into lilac and lavender. Bright blue is another color that’s hit its high note. Look for dark green to make a statement on furniture and in kitchens and living rooms. As for gray, if you didn’t get the word, it’s been so overdone that designers put it out to pasture in 2017, along with white-on-white kitchens.

Mad about metallic. Excessive use of brass and copper can make décor look cheap, and stainless steel is now mundane. So go ahead and mix it up with oil-rubbed bronze, chrome and other metallics. Keep the finish similar, and the style will blend, not jar.

Boo-hoo Boho. If macramé has been your passion, it’s time to cool off. This is a trend that designers can’t wait to retire, especially in wall hangings. If you just can’t part with your macramé, consider a subtler approach and pair it up with neutrals.

Floored by it. Statement walls are making way for statement floors. Think about it, geometric patterns, light-colored hardwoods—all of these designs really pop when introduced on such a grand scale.

Too much of a good thing. Once trendy finishing touches like Serge Mouille lamps, Edison bulbs and reclaimed wood have lost their unique charm, so designers are steering away. They blame knockoffs for making the Serge Mouille lamp “ordinary.” Any trend should be brought into your home in moderation.