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6 unconventionally beautiful ideas for decorating your bare walls

6 unconventionally beautiful ideas for decorating your bare walls

The furniture, accessories and knickknacks around a home tell the story of its inhabitants. And what hangs on the walls could be most revealing décor of all. Paintings and family photos add life to any room, but there are many other ways to decorate walls to create spaces you truly love.

1. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

It may not come as news that mirrors make for beautiful decorative elements. They reflect light, helping a small space to feel bigger and brighter, but they also can express your personality. Modern minimalists can opt for one large mirror with a simple frame in a geometric shape while those with a more Boho chic aesthetic can collect and hang smaller vintage and global mirrors in a salon style.  

2. The Material World

A tapestry or rug can add color, as well as a sense of softness to a space. If you prefer a more structured look, frame vintage scarves or cuts of other textiles that make you happy.

3. Writing on The Wall

Murals can transform your room into a passageway to a flower garden, a walk in the woods, or a city scene. With this type of bold decorative statement, your walls can transport you to another place without leaving home.

4. Dishin’ on Design

Show off your fine china or vintage plates by using wire plate hangers to display your favorite dishes and serving platters. Or, create shadow boxes with three-dimensional frames lined with contrasting fabric or fine paper to serve as an eye-catching backdrop for your dinnerware decor.  

5. The Best Laid Plans

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Search antique shops and flea markets for vintage landscape and building blueprints of places where special memories were made. Old maps add character and can remind us of where we’ve been and where we’d like to go next.