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Timeless Luxury: The Historic Ayer Condominium

Timeless Luxury: The Historic Ayer Condominium

It would stand to reason that America’s “oldest advertising agency” would house itself in a building offering the finest architectural distinctions of the day. N.W. Ayer & Sons, the firm responsible for coining iconic phrases such as “A Diamond is Forever” (De Beers) and “Reach Out and Touch Someone” (AT&T), headquartered themselves in such an edifice back in 1929.

Famed Philadelphia architect Ralph Bencker was hired to design the Ayer Building during the heart of the Art Deco era.

Lavish Appointments

Bencker utilized only the finest building materials in the construction of his signature work. Massive stores of limestone and polished Italian marble were brought in, and no detail was ignored, from the stately solid bronze doors residing under an imposing Art Deco façade to the intricate oak woodwork.

N. W. Ayer & Sons wished to commission a masterpiece and a masterpiece is what they achieved. Today, the structure has been meticulously refurbished, effortlessly blending 20th century extravagance with modern luxury.

A Landmark Address

The building now known as Ayer Condominium is a snapshot of Philadelphia’s storied history. Washington Square, the celebrated plaza on which Ayer Condominium sits, is one of the five original city malls laid out by William Penn in 1682.

210 W. Washington Square is an address that maintains its prestige and luster, offering “On the Park” living to discerning home buyers along with walking-distance access to cultural stalwarts such as Avenue of the Arts and the renowned galleries of Old City.

Ayer Condominium offers the rare opportunity to reside within a living, breathing piece of history, just down the road from Independence Hall.


Award-winning Philadelphia architect Wesley Wei is the mastermind behind the revitalization of the Ayer, transforming timeless spaces into modern marvels. Reviving classic architecture without losing its original “feel” is Wei’s strongest attribute. He has gracefully achieved the difficult task of adapting a century-old building to suit our fast-paced contemporary lifestyle.

The high-end homes within Ayer Condominium flow effortlessly, highlighting high ceilings, massive windows and ornate wood and stonework while converting each residence for 21st century comfort.

Owning a Slice of the Past

Opportunities to capture the cachet of luxury landmark living are extremely limited and real estate listings at Ayer Condominium do not go unnoticed.

The Ayer Condominium 5E

Featuring a gourmet kitchen, Washington Square view, luxurious marble bath and more than 5,000 square feet of spectacular living space, 5E is a dream come true and a once-in-a-lifetime buy.

The Ayer Condominium Penthouse

Designed by Michael Ryan Architects, the penthouse features spectacular skyline views in 3 directions. A sumptuous owner’s suite and chauffeur-driven BMW 7-series accentuate a property overflowing with indulgence.

The Ayer Condominium 8NW

8NW is a spectacular opportunity, with three bedrooms, a study and a state-of-the-art kitchen, soaring ceilings and huge windows offering expansive views of the neighborhood.