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Philadelphia's Most Beautiful Neighborhoods

Philadelphia's Most Beautiful Neighborhoods

With so many spectacular neighborhoods to choose from, shopping Philadelphia real estate can be trickier than selecting which dish to eat at your favorite 5-star restaurant. A landmark city with a penchant for well-appointed communities, Philly offers an ideal space for everyone.

Rittenhouse Square

They say Rittenhouse Square isn’t just a prestigious address – it’s a lifestyle.

The square itself is a lively compilation of farmer’s markets, alfresco dining, sunbathers, artists and an abundance of gaiety. As the city’s most popular park it’s a place for curling up with a good book on the green or meeting old friends for coffee on sidewalk verandas.

Teeming with theatres, entertainment, wine and cocktail bars, cafes and tantalizing eateries, Rittenhouse Square is the beating heart of a city in motion. Visitors and residents alike can spend an entire afternoon browsing luxury wares at high-end retailers, local boutiques and fantastic galleries.

Graduate Hospital

Clean, well-lit and pedestrian friendly with an entrepreneurial vibe, Graduate Hospital offers lively nightlife and a mouth-watering gastropub scene.

Residents enjoy true “city life” in a walkable neighborhood with plenty of opportunity to socialize in cool bars and hip cafes.

Society Hill

Synonymous with “sought-after,” Society Hill combines a healthy dose of historical landmarks with fine dining, excellent shopping and the urban retreat of Washington Square Park.

Enter a time warp by wandering the cobblestone streets and 18th-century buildings of Headhouse Square, the epitome of timeless architecture. Then fill your basket for evening supper at Philadelphia’s most celebrated farmers’ market, or discover a selection of the city’s best restaurants and independent cinemas along Dock Street.

Queen Village

Nestled along distinguished waterfront property, Queen Village is a charming neighborhood bursting with modern energy. Home to unconventional boutiques and the best vintage shopping on the east coast, it’s easy to browse and explore for hours on a sunny afternoon.

Queen Village offers plenty of green space and gorgeous historic squares featuring popular bars and restaurants.

Old City

The birthplace of American democracy is as much a haven for fashionable boutiques, renowned restaurants, groovy galleries and vibrant nightlife as it is a national landmark.

A glorious crossover of past and present, historic Philadelphia is the United States’ first “World Heritage City” and a hot spot for edgy art, energetic beer gardens and high-end private retailers.

Residents of Old City enjoy easy access to the best that Philadelphia has to offer.

Logan Square

Jam packed with stately edifices, Logan Square (or Logan Circle) was one of five public plazas on William Penn's original 1682 plan for Philadelphia.

Home to the classical revival styled Free Library of Philadelphia, the imposing Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul and the oldest museum in North America (Franklin Institute), Logan Square is an idyllic refuge for architecture aficionados.