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Art Galleries and Mediterranean: Old City Beyond the Liberty Bell

Art Galleries and Mediterranean: Old City Beyond the Liberty Bell

Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, Elfreth's Alley -- for first time visitors to Philadelphia, these are all must-sees; but what do you do in Old City after you've toured the nation's most important historical sites? Watch independent films, taste your first bite of exquisitely prepared kibbe naya (raw lamb, bulgur, harissa, cucumber and lamb bacon), peruse high-end art galleries or check out date night at The Clay Studio, all without leaving the unique atmosphere and 18th-century charm of this unforgettable neighborhood.

Landmark Theatres Philadelphia - Ritz Five, Fitz at the Bourse, Ritz East

Have Hollywood's latest releases all begun to blend together in your mind? Are you tired of going to cookie cutter movie theaters that look exactly alike whether you're in Philadelphia or Phoenix? Landmark Theatres offers three cherished alternatives in the heart of city, perfect for the classic night out or an escape from a rainy afternoon. Take a peek through recent film screenings and you'll find titles such as Dash Shaw's My Entire High School is Sinking Into the Sea, foodie documentary Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent and Your Name, the first Japanese animation to put up comparable numbers to Hayao Miyazaki's critically acclaimed films. 

Blue Cross RiverRink

Ice skates on, river in front, 100,00 Christmas lights above you and a glass of mulled wine warming your hands -- we're not sure what could be better, but Blue Cross RiverRink does its best to match its winter perfection with an over-sized summer playground complete with a hockey-grade outdoor roller rink, hard shell crab, mini-golf and the beach. Open eight months out of the year, the RiverRink is a perfect family outing or the perfect late night escape for mom and dad. 

Cafe Ole

Cafe Ole is a coffee shop with a uniquely Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired atmosphere. Popular among locals for a simple morning fix or latte, Cafe Ole is also the rare coffee shop with a truly worthwhile sit down menu. Enjoy their renowned French toast, a number of delicious omelets and the truly to-die-for shakshuka. Then, enjoy telling all of your friends that shakshuka is a Middle Eastern poached egg dish with a tomato base that they absolutely must try, yesterday. 

The Clay Studio

Just around the corner from Ethram's Alley sits a one-of-a-kind creative opportunity for artists, hobbyists and children alike. The Clay Studio is a world class Resident Artist Program, an ever evolving ceramics gallery and a popular Friday night couple's spot all at once. Come here to shop for a truly one-of-a-kind accent piece for your home or to try your own hand at the potter's wheel in beginner to advanced specialty workshops. 

Erdon Boutique

South Jersey's renowned Erdon, a matchless women's designer boutique, came to Old City in 2014. Its beautiful 1000-square-foot showroom carries only the most fashion-forward, tightly curated European, Japanese and American pieces for designers such as Closed, Moyuru and Maria Calderara. Erdon's founder, Donna Sandoz, and her daughter Carli, beloved for their knowledge and warmth, are frequently on location to serve and style their customers in person.

Muse Gallery 

Old City's history does nothing to prevent it from being part of Philadelphia's cutting edge contemporary art scene. Self-described as "an eclectic group of people working in diverse styles, from conceptual and abstract to representational," Muse features more than a dozen artists who work in photography, sculpture, glass and even embroidery. Their exhibitions have included Linda Pompeo's self-conscious portraits, Judy Caldwell's Fugitive Spring, and Diane Lachman's Disturbance in the Color Field