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Sweet Treats: Philadelphia’s Most Delectable Desserts

Sweet Treats: Philadelphia’s Most Delectable Desserts

Sunday morning treats, hellacious workday pick-me-ups, indulgent date nights, midnight cravings and celebratory moments—Philadelphia exceeding satisfies your sweet tooth with a variety of classic and unique desserts for every mood and every occasion. 

Settle in with a cup of coffee and start dreaming about these five luminary spots now. 

The Franklin Fountain

House-made root beer, thick, creamy ice cream served in take-out containers, Hydrox cookies and would you believe it? A telephone on the wall! The Franklin Fountain is a Philadelphia favorite for its delectable flavors and its throwback atmosphere. Come for classic vanilla, rural Pennsylvania's favorite teaberry gum and the freshest peach; or go all in with a Mt. Vesuvius sundae, phosphate soda or Dr. Dovey's Classic 1904 Banana Split. 

Beiler's Bakery

Beiler's comes with an intimidating (but fast-paced) line in the crowded Reading Terminal Market, but it's well worth a few extra minutes to get to the best blueberry fritters and salted caramel donuts in Philadelphia. After watching these fresh, fluffy donuts being made in front of your eyes, don't forget to hop across the aisle to the same family's display case of cakes, breads, cookies and their wonderfully whimsical whoopee pies—an old-style Amish treat. 


Cherry almond crumb, buttermilk lemon, butterscotch bourbon! Magpie is a pie lover's heaven with a side of pie milkshakes, sweet hot chocolate and perfectly balanced cafe affogatos to match. 

"To me, there is no other food that celebrates the season—the here-and-now—like pie does, and no other food that makes us feel the way pie does: loved," says chef and owner Holly Ricciardi. 

Don't pass up this Rittenhouse Square mainstay--you can even pick up a Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese or Vegetable Samosa Pot Pie for lunch or take one of their popular (and quickly sold out) classes.

Rim Cafe 

Located just southwest of Queen Village, Rene Kobeitri's RIM Cafe is a chocolate lover's paradise. Whether you opt for a classic mocha or an adventurous Mozzarella Brulee Hot Chocolate, Renee will make half the experience watching him put together your selection, out of a solid chocolate brick, and tasting house-made chocolate syrups. Don't forget to try an espresso dark mocha truffle, chocolate peanut butter pretzel and five or ten of their hand-crafted cannoli. From taste to showmanship to top-notch service, RIM Cafe is unsurpassable.

The Bakeshop on 20th 

From brownies and cookies to the famous Brookie--both brownie and cookie--it's hard to go wrong at The Bakeshop on 20th. They cater to childhood memories using local and seasonal ingredients, and are also proud to serve a variety of gluten free and vegan options. The Bakeshop, run by Lisa and Mark Cosgrove, is a favorite for catering and whole cake/pie orders whether you're celebrating a birthday or Thanksgiving.