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Architect Spotlight: Michael Ryan

Architect Spotlight: Michael Ryan

Making a name for yourself in a city as rich with history and architectural mastery as Philadelphia is a feat seldom accomplished by today’s modern architect.

Only those with a truly unique vision can create designs both innovative and vivacious yet appropriate for a metropolis featuring one foot firmly in the past and the other squarely in the future. Michael Ryan is one architect who has mastered this skill.

The Beauty of Letting Go

Working in the field of commissioned creative arts requires a delicate balance of understanding client expectations and expressing the courage to surprise clients with the unexpected. Ryan actively urges every client to let go of preconceived notions and expectations to achieve the leeway required to meet needs while simultaneously crafting a sense of wonderment.

His uncanny ability to help clients let go and adore the unknown generates a spirit of openness and creative freedom not afforded to many industry counterparts.

Working Backwards

Another philosophy that sets Michael Ryan apart is his inclusionary stance towards builders and craftspeople. Whereas many architects look internally for inspiration, Ryan’s firm always considers the unique talents of the men and women who physically convert the blueprints into living, breathing structures.

Instead of saying, “Here’s what I want—who can build it?” the attitude is more, “How can I integrate the pinnacle of a tradesperson’s abilities into my design?” The difference such a subtle shift in perspective makes is astounding, leading to buildings in complete harmony with their environment and surroundings.

Interior Design

While a building is more permanent in nature than its furnishings, Ryan prefers to complete a project in its entirety, melding architectural details with one-of-a-kind custom-designed furniture. In tune with this philosophy, one of the many reasons his firm receives such high accolades for its work is the fact that furnishings are hand crafted and designed uniquely for each client.

High-End, yet Down-to-Earth

Unlike other high-end architects whose work can be viewed as overtly posh and ostentatious, Ryan’s work exudes luxury in a way that’s more soothing and less brazen. More livable and less showy. Combining wood, glass and stone as a means to convey classic grace and radiate sophistication sets his work apart. Ryan creates living spaces that are clearly reserved for those who have reached the peak of financial success while avoiding the need for gaudy pretentiousness.

Contact Details

221 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19106
Tel: 215.928.3800