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3 Luxury Interior Design Trends to Take Notice Of

3 Luxury Interior Design Trends to Take Notice Of

We asked top Philadelphia interior designers what’s hot right now and found the following three concepts coming up again and again in conversation.

High-Lacquered Woods

Stately and polished, high-lacquered wood panels add a layer of texture and depth unavailable with any other material on the market.

Ideal for smaller quarters that need a healthy dose of wow factor to catch up with the rest of your home, the beauty of high-lacquered woods is their ability to resurface in every facet of the room. From picture frames to furniture to a wooden chandelier, complementing accent possibilities are endless.

Ask your designer to choose furniture that doubles as a statement piece. Functional art is in high demand this year—particularly refinished antique artifacts or exclusive pieces commissioned exclusively for placement in your home.

Color of the Year

Greenery is in for the rest of 2017 and surely 2018, too. Taking a cue from our natural surroundings, green adds warmth and comfort to any space whether it’s coupled with live foliage or not.

An attention grabber and ideal contrast hue for the ceiling or a statement wall, green works wonders across the spectrum, from yellowy tones to darker versions like kale.

Amp up the opulence with gorgeous one-of-a-kind hand crafted green velvet embroidered club chairs or divan. Adorn end tables with museum quality blown glass vases and have fresh cut flowers swapped out in a daily rotation of varying blooms to create a brand-new experience every time you enter the room.

Mix & Match Metals

Gone are the rigid norms forcing all your metalwork to fit into a specific design bucket.

While mixing metals should not be done without professional guidance, it’s not uncommon at all to find gold, silver, oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, copper and chrome cohabitating harmoniously in top-tier interiors across the city.

The high-end vintage industrial vibe is a perfect complement for Philly’s extraordinary collection of Art Deco period masterpieces. Gentlemanly and chic, the look connects us to an era of class and grace. Perfect for a posh bachelor pad or a nobleman’s private den—a place to sip finely aged Scotch and smoke contraband Cuban cigars by gold-leafed lamplight.

Mixed metals, along with black lacquer, can also be combined to create a stunning kitchen ensemble for the aristocrat cum amateur chef. The kind of space that says, “I don’t have to cook for myself but I want to.”