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Up & Coming Philadelphia Art Galleries

Up & Coming Philadelphia Art Galleries

Given that the oldest museum in the United States resides here, it’s safe to say that Philadelphia is a city that’s very much in touch with its artistic side. From the spectacular public murals that adorn her streets to the tiniest back alley South Street gallery, Philly’s art scene is an exquisite delight for any patron of the arts.

Whether you’re looking to purchase new pieces to add to your collection or simply enjoy the company of fine art, here are a selection of galleries to pencil into your short list.


As a strong supporter of independent artists, Paradigm is the kind of studio where you just might meet the next great artist long before they become a household name. The term “up and coming” refers just as much to the works themselves here as it does to the gallery.

Paradigm offers a glimpse of what’s happening right now in the local art scene.

Arch Enemy Arts

The exhibitions displayed at Arch Enemy Arts are geared towards more of a niche audience, with that niche rotating frequently yet flawlessly. In all likelihood you’ll want to consult their website before visiting to discover what’s currently on show, but lovers of macabre, surrealism, figurative or urban art will find themselves at home on Arch Enemy’s hardwoods.

Wexler Gallery

For a taste of interdisciplinary art, consider the Wexler. Featuring mixed-media pieces both functional and nonfunctional in nature, works displayed here are of the sort that require an exceptionally high level of craftsmanship to go along with artistic vision.

The Wexler’s concept is to challenge the traditional categorization of artwork through three-dimensional mediums such as glass and ceramic. Notable artists represented here include Andy Paiko and William Morris.

ICA Philadelphia

A well-known venue with a penchant for discovering soon-to-be masters. Andy Warhol hit the stage with his first-ever museum solo show at ICA Philadelphia in 1965 and ever since, the Institute has become the preeminent destination for uncovering the next sphere of contemporary artists.

The Bazemore Gallery

Purchase gorgeous contemporary artwork while enjoying the synergy of this small Manayunk gallery. Designed to follow the five elements of Feng Shui, Lenny Bazemore’s collection is a soothing experience with a welcoming ambiance that assists the buyer in understanding how any given piece might feel on display in their home.

Some have tapped Bazemore as the art collector for art collectors.

Twenty-Two Gallery

A relaxed neighborhood studio tucked quietly away from gallery central in Old City. The name is derived from the 22 artists who exhibit work there across a broad range of mediums.

While you won’t be likely to find big names on display here, the gallery is a pleasant add-on to a delightful lunch in Rittenhouse Square.

Vox Populi

If you’re looking to give back to the art community while getting to know very talented up and coming artists, Vox Populi is the venue.

Formed in the late 1980s as an art collective, Vox Populi focuses on showcasing experimental work of under-represented artists.