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How to Set Up a Stunning Work-From-Home Luxury Office Space

How to Set Up a Stunning Work-From-Home Luxury Office Space

Whether you work from home part-time or are in need of a full-fledged luxury office just down the hall from your bedroom, simple upgrades can convert your workspace into a luxury getaway.

Follow these tips to create a home office worthy of your working hours.

The Perfect Centerpiece

The desk is the cornerstone of any luxury office space. A true expression of the owner’s personality, a desk can articulate power, creativity, sophistication and class. Choose a desk that matches you and your needs and shape the room’s design theme around it.

The Ideal Office Chair

Unless your home office is mostly just for show, it is imperative that your chair is built to support and protect your back and neck through the rigors of a long day. The human body is not equipped to be sedentary. If your profession requires long hours of sitting at a computer, put your best ergonomic foot forward with an office chair designed as such.

Aesthetics matter too, but a true work chair should cover these five bases:

  • Adjustability: Most chairs on the market allow users to adjust for height, but an exceptionally luxurious office chair will offer fine-tuning for a minimum of five features. Models are available with more than a dozen adjustable elements for true personalization.
  • Lumbar Support: Avoid developing sciatica with proper lumbar support. A quality office chair should allow several continuous hours of sitting without the occurrence of lower back pain.
  • Rolls and Swivels: Reaching and straining across your desk over the course of a day leads to sore muscles. While a stationary “Godfather” style chair provides an excellent presentation, it’s not great for productivity.
  • Choose the Right Fabric: Leather is certainly the classiest of all office chair materials, but it’s better suited for short meetings than long hauls at the computer. High-end mesh is quickly becoming the go-to material for professionals who don’t like to sweat.
  • Fits Like a Glove: If a chair doesn’t match every curve of your body, keep looking. There should be no gaps and no discomfort. Take the time to physically visit office furnishing showrooms to test and retest chairs until you find one that feels like you’re resting on a cloud.

Wall-Mounted Oversized Monitor

The busy professional is accustomed to doing their best work on a laptop in first class, but there’s no reason to stay mobile when working from home.

An oversized monitor allows for single-screen multi-tasking or the flexibility of working throughout the space via Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The larger your monitor, the more freedom you have to move about your workspace.

An Abundance of Natural Light

A simple rule of thumb says that for every hour you spend in the office at home you should have one sheet of glass.

Let the sunshine in with large windows and, when possible, skylights. Whether your office view connects you with nature or opens out over the city, the less it feels like an “office” the better.

Office or Library?

Whether your preferred motif is classic or contemporary, there’s no better way to up the sophistication in your office than to ask the space to double as a library.

Looking Up

A coffered ceiling with chandelier add an element of chic to your home office. The idea here is to generate an ambience suitable for an important meeting with your top client—even if you never plan on “doing business” at your place of residence.

Details & Textures

For luxury design in general, the devil is in the details. The right lamp, bookcase or piece of artwork can make a world of difference. A mixture of textures makes your work space a more interesting place to be, whether it’s the smooth simplicity of glass or stately wood paneling, fascinating upholstery or a thick throw rug.