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5 Things to Look for in an Extraordinary Luxury Home

5 Things to Look for in an Extraordinary Luxury Home

When shopping for real estate, the axiom is usually quite simple: spend more, get more. But when shopping luxury properties, how does one compare homes that essentially “have it all”?

The answer is a combination of gut feeling, personal taste and trusting your instincts.

However, given that you may one day plan on selling your luxury home and will naturally seek top dollar, do pay particular attention to the following five buying criteria when shopping high-end Philadelphia real estate.

Location, Location, Location

If location is everything in real estate, it’s doubly true with luxury properties. While architectural and design trends will ebb and flow, it’s safe to say that a home located in one of Philly’s top neighborhood’s today will still feature a prestigious address 10 or 20 years from now.

With extremely limited inventory on famed parks like Rittenhouse Square and historic Washington Square, for example, both townhomes and luxury condominiums are well poised to hold their value.


A home that offers an inimitable quality peaks in value. This fact quickly explains the price tags on residences located in some of Philadelphia’s oldest buildings.

No facsimile can recreate the classic ambiance of an original Art Deco edifice. Sure, modern architects might find inspiration from the past, but no feeling quite equates to the timeless luxury of living in a historical masterpiece.

Other factors that make a luxury home unique include the view and unparalleled amenities.


Much like our insatiable desire for the latest gadgets, high-end buyers are looking to integrate slick new technologies into their homes in a myriad of ways.

Smart homes are now the norm on the luxury market. Homeowners want to be able to control their home systems with the touch of a button and remotely from the phones.

Open-Concept Layouts

From grandiose two-story foyer entrances to gourmet kitchen-slash-great-room combos, the floor plan buzzword that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon is “open-concept.”

Buyers at all price points expect floor plans to flow effortlessly, to create the illusion of a single space as opposed to neatly defined rooms.

More leeway is provided in older masonry structures with less flexibility for interior demolition, but steer clear of any property that feels cramped, regardless of the square footage noted on the listing.

Top End (and Up-to-Date) Everything

An extraordinary home leaves no feature untouched. From commercial grade luxury appliances to stunning kitchen fixtures and countertops to spa-inspired bathrooms and every other detail you can imagine.

There’s a difference between visiting a home that exudes classic charm and one that was luxurious twenty years ago but is now outdated. Our job is to help you distinguish between the two.