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5 Reasons Philadelphia Luxury Real Estate Has a Leg up on New York

5 Reasons Philadelphia Luxury Real Estate Has a Leg up on New York

As two of America’s powerhouse East Coast cities, New York and Philadelphia have always enjoyed a friendly rivalry—from sports and food to a rich display of fine arts and culture, and even to a brewing competition in the luxury real estate market.

While we’re certainly biased, here are five reasons why a high-end homebuyer should choose the City of Brotherly Love over the Big Apple.

More for Your Money

Even millionaires are price sensitive. Especially when we’re talking about properties that cost millions of dollars. Whether you’re after a townhouse, a booming view from a skyscraper penthouse or a private floor in an Art Deco masterpiece, you’ll pay significantly less for a comparable listing in Philadelphia than you will in New York City.

High-end dining and entertainment cost less, too. As far as attractions go, New York and Philadelphia aren’t all that different. Both cities are known for having no shortage of great food as well as cool music scenes. Philly also has strong support for artists and musicians.

Traffic is Easier to Navigate

The average New Yorker loves to tout how easy it is to get around on the subway, but luxury homebuyers don’t take the subway.

Whether you’re on your way to dinner, to a meeting or to a show, you’re less likely to get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Philly. Parking is easier and cheaper than in New York, and while local drivers may not be as polite as they are in Portland, Oregon, Philadelphia motorists are certainly far more sane than New Yorkers.

A More Inclusive Feel

The main difference between Philadelphia and New York isn’t really in the culture and activities themselves. It’s the sense of community and overall vibe that sets Philly apart.

New York looks and feels like a big city, but Philly looks like a big city and feels a little more like a tight-knit neighborhood. The city’s elite tend to be laid back compared to the upper crust of New York. While Philly offers an endless array of upscale restaurants and an exclusive invite-only social scene, the wealthy aren’t expected only to mingle with those of similar class like they are in NYC.

Philly’s famous squares are shared by people from all walks of life. Owning property adjacent to Logan, Washington or Rittenhouse Square provides a unique balance of luxurious exclusivity while simultaneously staying connected to the soul of the city.

A Superior Layout

William Penn’s mastery in city planning is still reaping rewards hundreds of years after the fact. From the city’s five iconic public squares to a more pleasant waterfront experience, Philadelphia is a much more livable city.

Looking Forward to a Brighter Future

Philadelphia is in the midst of a renaissance. The energy pulsing here for things to come is beyond palpable.

Living in a city that’s reinventing itself presents a world of opportunity, both on a professional and personal level. It’s very possible these days to make a big name for yourself in Philadelphia, while New York tends to shape you more than you shape it.