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More Than a Walk-In: Creating a Stunning Closet

More Than a Walk-In: Creating a Stunning Closet

Creating a living space that truly redefines luxury requires outside the box thinking. Or, in the case of today’s theme, “inside the closet” thinking.

Today, there’s far more to closet design than square footage and an endless wardrobe. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when planning a closet upgrade.

Take a Research Expedition

Gathering design ideas for the ultimate luxury closet differs from the research process for every other room in the house.

Forget about touring luxury homes. Close your Internet browser and stay away from blogs or online design magazines. Ignore the impulse to ask for recommendations from friends. Instead, head straight to Walnut Street on Rittenhouse Row to gain tons of inspiration ideas when it comes to creating a luxe walk-in closet.

You know the feeling you get when trying on new clothes at your favorite high-end clothing boutique? That’s the vibe you should be looking to recreate in your closet at home.

Rethink the Concept of Storage

Most designers focus too much on pragmatism and not enough on flair when devising a storage strategy.

Instead, think display as opposed to storage. Clothing, particularly shoes, should be presented in a way that showcases their beauty. Every day when you enter your closet, it should feel as though you’re being “sold” an outfit.

Glass cases and boutique-quality shelving are just the beginning.

Cozy Seating

Here’s a simple test to know whether you’ve found the right seating arrangement for your closet:

Would you curl up with a good book and spend some quality time relaxing in your closet sitting area? No? Then try again.

Upgrade the Lighting Scheme

It’s not unheard of to see a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling of an upscale closet. Install task lighting for the mirror, but don’t be afraid to use lighting to set the mood in addition to illuminating your clothes.

If possible, install a window to bring natural lighting into your indulgent dressing room.

Room for an Island?

Islands revolutionized kitchen designs many decades ago. Now they’re doing the same for the contemporary closet, offering space to arrange and compare daily clothing options as well as additional storage for accessories.

An island with custom shelving that divides his and hers spaces adds to both beauty and utility. Tie rack, cufflinks, wallets, belts and watches on one side and jewelry, scarves and gloves on the other.

Express Your Personality

Get creative with wall coverings and flooring by adding artwork to personalize the space.

Looking your best begins with feeling your best. Start the day off by getting dressed in a room optimized for that sole purpose.