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Why Great Architecture is Key to a Luxury Home

Why Great Architecture is Key to a Luxury Home

Architecture is at the heart of what makes the interior space of a home. Behind every great luxury home was an architect with a vision and a story to tell. This is why architecture is so essential.

Elegance Meets Pragmatism

Architecture is the combination of art and engineering. To create it is to take a mathematical equation and make it beautiful.

Contrary to public perception, architecture is not a blueprint. It’s a feeling. An emotion. It’s more than a structure—it’s how that structure makes you feel.

This is why great architecture is always present in a luxury home. Without it, the sensation of luxury would fail to exist.

The Science Behind Your Gut Feeling

Anyone who has ever been in the market for a new house understands the importance of putting time aside to visit properties in person.

No virtual tour can do a home justice. No photograph can replace the instant opinion you form the moment you pull up in front.

“Do you see yourself living here? Do you want to go inside?”

Yes or no?

They call this deciding factor curb appeal, but what you’re really experiencing is architecture. The famous gut feeling on which nearly every high-end real estate deal rides is not created by happenstance—it’s your own personal reaction to the architecture. It’s not a gut feeling at all; it’s discovering the design that suits you.

Navigating Light & Wind

Just as a painter’s brush strokes are invisible to the eyes of museum patrons admiring the canvas, much of the work of an architect goes on behind the scenes.

How well a home integrates with its surroundings is tantamount to the success of the building. From natural lighting to heat distribution to airflow and confrontation with the elements—all these things we take for granted as homeowners are painstakingly considered when crafting a luxury home.

Positive Sight Lines

We hear a lot about traffic flow and open-concept floor plans but not so much about how each room in the house interacts with the others.

Sight lines affect livability and aesthetic appeal. A properly designed home takes every angle into account.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

In a luxury home, every space should pique your interest in a related but wholly unique way. From variations in ceiling heights to textures, angles, windows, lighting and dimensions, each room ought to convey a new emotion while fitting together seamlessly.

Architecture Matters

Architecture is the key to a luxury home because without it that one-of-a-kind allure would be gone. No home would be special because they all would feel the same.

When shopping for a high-end home, be sure to trust your instincts. It’s not magic leading your subconscious to speak. It’s architecture.