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High-end Philadelphia shopping guide: Getting to know Joan Shepp

High-end Philadelphia shopping guide: Getting to know Joan Shepp

As online shopping continues to curry favor in the marketplace, many retailers are rushing to shift gears and move product lines into cyberspace. At 1811 Chestnut Street, you’ll find a boutique that’s still committed to making the discovery of new looks in high-end fashion an in-person experience.

Visit Joan Shepp and fall in love with shopping all over again.

From the fresh flowers to the tables and chairs where fashion lovers can sit to ponder and discuss style trends, the shop has truly written a new page in the story of fashion.

Building on an unparalleled reputation

Joan Shepp has been dressing Philadelphia’s most fabulous residents and visitors for more than four decades. More than just a clothing boutique, Joan says her store is meant to be exciting entertainment.

Several years ago, Joan sent reverberations across Philly’s high-end shopping scene when she closed her Walnut Street boutique. When the new Chestnut Street address was released, eyebrows were raised but there was little doubt that her loyal entourage of clientele would follow.

Nobody inquired as to whether Joan Shepp would make it on Chestnut. The question in the air was what would Chestnut look like in a few years’ time with Joan leading the Renaissance.

Stylists with passion

Some people enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Others are consumed by it.

Joan and daughter Ellen look for the latter when hiring stylists and sales associates. To work here one must go beyond the initial stages of fashion addiction.

This commitment to building a team of passionate stylists fosters what is perhaps the most intimate shopping experience in Philadelphia. An unmatched amalgamation of fashion knowledge and experience lends itself to truly exceptional customer service.

Meticulously curated

They say Joan Shepp brings the runway to Rittenhouse Square. Boasting museum-quality displays and hand-picked avant-garde looks from local and international designers alike, much of the boutique’s ambiance is more akin to an art gallery than a clothing store.

It’s as much a place to feel and experience cutting edge clothing as it is to buy it.

Unlike other high-end retailers who eschew window shoppers who cannot afford their products, Joan takes special care to embrace all who enter her boutique’s doors. 

The debut of an online-only fashion magazine

The company hasn’t shunned technology and the role it plays in the fashion world. Fashion aficionados can sign up to have Joan’s digital magazine sent directly to their inbox for free as soon as a new edition is released.