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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Philadelphia

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love is known for its eclectic culinary scene. Some of the most exclusive restaurants in the country are located in Philadelphia, and there’s no exception when it comes to a vegetarian or vegan menu. Fine dining doesn’t exclude a specialty style, so when you’re searching for the best Philly vegan restaurants, you won’t want to skip on these top choices.

Charlie was a sinner.

131 S 13th St

Known for cocktails and drinks infused with ingredients like wheatgrass, cucumber and mint, Charlie was a sinner is narrow, cozy and dimly lit. Appetizers like artichoke frites and zucchini ‘crabcake’ sliders set you up for the perfect dinner plate of buccatini & ‘meatballs’ or roasted cauliflower steak.


127 S 18th St

Purely vegan ingredients, compostable materials and, of course, delicious food. Try the buffalo bella, curry tofu wrap or arugula taco salad before ending your meal with an organic soy ice cream milkshake. The laid back atmosphere and budget friendly menu make this a top vegetarian spot in Philadelphia.

Wiz Kid

2101 Hamilton Street │ 124 S. 19th Street

Wiz Kid is the vegan version of Philadelphia’s most popular dish—the Philly cheesesteak. The chefs behind Vedge and V Street have created an indulgent vegan dish of seitan, mushrooms, fried onions, pickled peppers and rutabaga “wiz.” It’s a great menu, especially for people who want to eat smart with little time to spare.

Couch Tomato Cafe’

102 Rector Street │ 31 West Gay Street

The original Couch Tomato Cafe was born in September of 2003 in Manayunk. Enjoy one of the daily homemade soups, like creamy tomato basil or sweet potato lentil. The ambrosia from the signature sandwich menu makes a perfect lunch. Accompany your meal with fresh squeezed lemonade or organic black tea.

Bar Bombón

133 S. 18th Street

The fresh plant-based meals from Bar Bombón are derived from Puerto Rican recipes with a healthy twist. The harvest guacamole and avocado wedge salad are crisp starters before Spanish meatballs or sweet plantains.