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6 essentials of a luxury outdoor space

6 essentials of a luxury outdoor space

Luxury homes in Philadelphia offer many unique amenities. A high end condominium might feature a chef’s kitchen, on-site gym and valet or even automated parking.

Matching the level of interior sophistication in an outdoor living space requires careful planning and attention to detail. Now is the time to start preparing for next summer, especially if you’re envisioning a major design/renovation project. Here are seven essentials to keep in mind as you devise the perfect outdoor room.

Dress the deck

You need more than patio chairs to complete a unique living space. Add decking material to a condo terrace to extend the indoor environment outwards and complement with container gardens nad flowers.

Establish the space

Define your outdoor space with an area rug or an overhead fixture, like a pergola. Positioning furniture on a rug or beneath a pergola creates a space that feels pulled together rather than sporadically tossed onto a patio.

Add an outdoor kitchen

If you host summer cookouts or simply enjoy dining outside, you need an outdoor kitchen. Even if your outdoor space is small, you can install a grill and countertop area for food preparation. A couple of cabinets beneath the countertop offer storage, and, if space allows, a sink and refrigerator will keep you from running indoors while cooking or cleaning.

Close it off

A garden wall creates a natural enclosure, while a lattice fence can add privacy while still offering a view of neighboring homes. Adding vines to the lattice can enhance the natural environment.

Light it up

Install outdoor lighting to highlight landscaping and architecture in the evenings. Solar powered lights are easy to maintain and install and give you more freedom than lights that need to be placed near a power supply. Outdoor lighting can also be hardwired directly to the electrical wiring within your home.

Add a fire pit

Extend how long you can use your outdoor room each year with a fire pit. The warmth of the fire will allow you to sit outside well into the fall months and create a focal point where guests can gather. An outdoor fireplace is also a great option for additional heat and light.