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Philadelphia’s best boutique studios for every fitness level

Philadelphia’s best boutique studios for every fitness level

It seems around every corner of the city, another health club or big box gym is popping up. While these state-of-the-art fitness centers offer a wide-range of equipment and an assortment of amenities, the “personal” in personal fitness can fall by the wayside. It is easy to get lost among the rows of cardio machines and racks of weights or feel intimidated walking into a jam-packed group fitness class.

If you prefer a more intimate, individual experience, our city has many boutique fitness studios that provide a great workout and instruction for everyone—from beginners to serious athletes. Here are just a few.

Freehouse Fitness Studio

If you loved trampolines as a kid (or still love them as an adult), Freehouse Fitness is for you. In this studio’s “rebounding” classes, participants bounce—not jump—on individual trampolines. Bouncing engages more than 600 muscles, boosts your coordination, balance and core strength, as well as improves aerobic fitness without putting strain on your joints. “Bounce” is a 30-minute class for beginners and focuses on teaching the fundamentals while burning calories.If you are looking for a more intense experience, check out the “All Star” class.

The studio opened just two years ago and the modern fixtures, white walls and bleached wood floors make this studio space feel like a spa. If fun workouts in a pristine environment aren’t enough motivation to get you to class, come for the best-in-class instruction. ClassPass named Freehouse owner and instructor Dana Auriemma as Philly’s Best Instructor for 2016 and 2017. The studio also offers reformer and band classes.

1430 South Street, 215.581.7384;

Unite Fitness

Worried that you’re not taking advantage of everything that a gym offers? The double-certified personal trainers at Unite Fitness will make certain that you meet your goals using every inch of their private studio (read: not a public gym floor). You’re not just a number or an appointment: Everyone receives individualized attention with workout programs tailored to specific needs, from weight loss and body shape to wellness and performance. If you prefer getting fit through group sessions, there are 55- and 65-minute workouts such as “Unite Express” that focus on cardio and strength training in a fun and motivating setting.

26 S. 20th Street, 267.534.3230; 105 S. 12th Street, 215.733.0633;

Vitality Meditation

With the hectic pace of city life, taking time to decompress might be one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Vitality Meditation was founded by two sisters with one mission—to help Philadelphians live their best lives with less stress through the power of mindfulness. This boutique meditation studio has an earthy, Zen-like vibe and holds regular intro and beginner classes as well as sessions that focus on relaxation, visualization, mantra healing and more.

1856 Frankford Avenue, 267.738.3351;

Alexis Rose Xperience

As the name suggests, this workout is truly an experience. Leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready to get down. The Alexis Rose Xperience (ARX) is an hour-long dance class set to today’s top dance hits. Instructor Alexis Rose began her fitness career as a SoulCycle instructor and brings positivity and motivation to each class. Before you rule out ARX due to a case of two left feet, Philadelphia Magazine wrote, “You can be the stiffest, most awkward, slow-to-pick-up-choreographer dancer in the world—but between [the music and Alexis Rose] getting you to move in ways you didn’t know you could, you’re going have an amazing time in this class.” If you are interested in being Queen Bey for a day, try one of ARX all-Beyoncé classes.

Headlong Theater, Rear Studio, 1170 South Broad Street, 917.244.9177;

Four the Love of Yoga

Does your Monday mood call for a power flow while you reserve your weekends for more restorative pursuits? For a truly personalized experience, Four the Love of Yoga will come to your home or office to practice the type of yoga you want when you want it. Founded by four Philly-area sisters, instructors will craft completely unique classes tailored to clients’ needs and goals.;

NOTE: another suggestion--Mama’s Wellness Joint OR Urban Front Pilates