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Coffee and Cafes in Washington Square

Coffee and Cafes in Washington Square

Philadelphia's Washington Square, a shaded 6.6 acre urban oasis near the nation's birthplace at Independence Hall, has been the focal point of the city's celebrated past for more than 300 years. The surrounding neighborhood brings with it the perfect mix of Philadelphia's timeless history and trend-setting eateries that keep even long-term residents on their toes. A leisurely day might find you in a historic theater, unique bar or high-end vintage boutique.

Stop by these five spots for coffee, lunch or a snack while you're wandering this eclectic gem of a neighborhood and discovering all it has to offer. 

Talula's Daily (morning & afternoon)/Talula’s Table (night)

The little sister of the dinner restaurant Talula's Garden, right next door, and Talula's Table, this cafe spot has earned more stars on social media and foodie review sites than it knows what to do with. Breads, teas, pastries and even syrups are all house-made or blended, and every morning they bake the best scones in Philadelphia. They also boast a wide selection of cheeses, famous zucchini bread and a variety of vegan, gluten-free and other alternatives for those with specific dietary restrictions or preferences. The exclusive Supper Club at Talula’s Table ($55 with a $35 beverage pairing available) with its monthly rotating menu is especially a treat, if you can snag a reservation!

Greenstreet Coffee Co.

Greenstreet, a vibrantly colored nook passionate about the craft of their coffee, features house-roasted beans and a stellar nitrogen-infused cold brew. If you're looking for a coffee alternative, Greenstreet is well-known for their in-house chai and green tea lattes. These specialties are a far cry from the syrup-filled concoctions served at most chains. 

The Sweet Life Bakeshop

A bakery famous for...salted caramel banana pudding? Located in the southeast corner of the neighborhood, Sweet Life is the local provider of beautiful cupcakes, cookies, cobbler, pie and, notably, pudding so delicious that it's a favorite even of those who don't like pudding. And if your love of fresh-baked goods is in constant conflict with your love of sleeping past dawn, worry not! Sweet Life is open from noon to 8 pm, perfect for a stop in the middle of your afternoon shopping or an after work indulgence. 

Square One Coffee

Need a place to camp out at with your laptop? Rendezvous with friends? Host a meeting? Square One offers excellent coffee alongside a wide open space that won't leave you standing around awkwardly or jousting for table room. If you're craving something sweet, Square One features Dotties Donuts, a favorite local vegan spot a few miles to the east. 

Petit Roti

This French rotisserie is an ideal spot for lunch and even for gourmet roast chicken family dinners. Their hot sandwiches are served on one of the best baguettes in Philadelphia and they take special care to deliver classic sides, like rotisserie potatoes, roasted vegetables and beet salad that are unforgettable for their freshness and perfectly balanced seasoning.