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Integrating Fine Art into your Home Décor

Integrating Fine Art into your Home Décor

No luxury home is complete without a collection of signature artworks to express the owner’s personal style and unique tastes.

Art creates order out of chaos and ties an interior designer’s vision together with the souls of those who reside inside that vision. Art is the final piece of the puzzle, and it can never be overlooked or ignored.

Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” And this is the attitude that must be embraced when integrating your favorite pieces into your home décor. Be yourself when purchasing the art to represent you and figure out how to work it in later.

A Tale of Two Strategies

There are two distinct approaches to be taken when installing artwork into your luxury home:

  • Design each room around the art it contains.
  • Strategically place art within your existing motif.

Realistically, you’ll want to do a combination of the two, giving more prominence to the most important pieces in your collection.

Make a Statement

Some works deserve to be the center of attention and the emphasis of the space. For these special pieces we like to work backwards—finding the ideal location to hang the painting before fleshing out a complementary theme.

  1. Find the focal point in the room. As you enter the space, where does your eye naturally land? Where are you instinctively drawn to? This is the ideal location to display your statement piece. Leave plenty of open space to allow the work to pop without leaving it completely isolated.
  2. Choose a secondary color from the artwork. Work this color across the room using a keen sense of subtlety. Think accents and textures, not backgrounds. A throw pillow. A lampshade. A rug. Always subliminal, never obvious. Consider repainting with a muted shade of this tone.
  3. Play off patterns and themes. Consider the emotions your art is meant to convey. Carry this idea throughout the room. Never blatant but always thoughtful.

Working In Your Art

While you’ll never want to hang a piece that is completely incongruent with a space, where you choose to display your art has less to do with coordinating styles and more to do with matching emotions.

Consider the following when placing paintings throughout your home:

  • The bedroom is meant to be calming. Relaxing. A sanctuary. Adorn with art that is soothing, that puts you at ease.
  • The great room is meant to be warm and inviting. Artwork in this space should be cheerful and inspiring,
  • For enthralling dinner party banter, save your most provocative works for the dining room. This is the place for true conversation starters.
  • Historical pieces belong in the library, study, den or office.
  • Quirky bits find their ideal refuge in the bathroom. It’s a space where art is given free reign. No holds barred.

Create Mini Galleries

Consider setting up a series of display pockets throughout your home.

Hallways. Staircases. The bar. Recreation room. Foyer and entryway. All of these spaces can be used to create an unchained ad hoc gallery.